Sunday, August 16, 2009

24 Karat Gold (aka Karat)

I had a tough time in high school and this little guy soaked up a lot of tears! When he was 7, he had a heart attack and passed away. I still miss my Easter bunny!

When he was in the front yard, he needed a leash, but in the backyard, he ran free. He'd dig a hole, eat some grass roots, then plop himself down in the dirt and relax. By the time he went back in the house, he was no longer white!

When I first went to the pet store (will never acquire a pet from a pet shop again!), he was the only one I could catch. Turns out, he had pneumonia! It was the day before Easter, 1990. After nursing him back to health, he was a spoiled little bun-bun.

His first "cage" was a cardboard box that he jumped out of right away. Then he was in a covered clothes basket for 3 days. We bought a large wire cage he used for 3 weeks. After that, he was litter trained and became a house bunny. He never set paw in another cage.

The only destruction he did was chew the woodwork and eat the carpet. Luckily the carpeting passed through his system and caused no problems other than leaving "poop on a rope."

Karat loved to give kisses on demand. He also hated my car keys. If I laid them on the couch in front of him, he repeatedly knocked them on the floor. He also did that with the TV's remote. To this day, my parents said their remote will fly off the couch without anyone touching it. I do believe Karat's spirit is in their house!

On several occasions, the life insurance person would show up to go over policies with my parents. They insurance people didn't know about the rabbit, so when Karat would hop around the back of the couch, they'd always jump and ask what kind of dog that is! Silly people.

Bunnies are great pets to have, but require a lot of work. They can be destructive, love to chew everything, and will not always use their litter boxes. But, Karat was a cuddly guy and I miss him dearly. I don't think I will ever find another bun-bun with his personality.

When I moved away to college, he stayed with my parents. When my parents had their French doors in their living room shut, Karat would hop around the kitchen and into the hallway. He would pop the doors open to "announce" he was going upstairs to bed. When my dad would get home from work, Karat knew he would be getting some M&M's. (Yes, chocolate is BAD BAD BAD for pets, but I did not know this at the time. Karat ate it all his 7 years and was okay, but it probably didn't help his heart.) He would meet my dad at the door for treats and cuddles.

I love my kitties so much, but Karat was very much like a soul mate. He was definitely one of a kind and I know he's a Rainbow Bridge with Tabby Sue, waiting for the day we can all be together again.


Everycat said...

Thank you for sharing Karat's story with us. He was a fien and sturdy rabbit. It sounds like he was a real character and knew how to get his home running exactly the way he wanted it.

Da Wuudler

janet2buns said...

I wonder if there is room in your life/heart for another big bunny. In most shelters and rescues, they are the least adoptable and most frequently euthanized. Many big bunnies get along famously with kitties. Just a thought.

Margaret Elmendorf said...

That is such a cute bunny. I never had a rabbit but always wanted one. Can't get one right now, I have way too many cats. Nice blog

Melvin the Teacup Himalayan said...

Karat's story was amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it! He's a beautiful little guy, that's for sure!

Melvin the Teacup Himalayan said...

I don't know what it is, but it seems that all of my animals at least "tolerate" the bath. LOL. Must be something in the water (I DO put lavender oils in the water to help soothe the mood).
And I will make sure to put a 411 out for the little kitty. Do you have a link?

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ihavecat said...

what a lovely story! awwwwwww! so sweet! a lucky bunny and how nice for you to have a sweet pet growing. up, though I imagine it was heart breaking when bunny long to bunnies normally live?!

MyCatsRule said...

Thank you!

Bunnies can live from 7-20 years, depending on breed. Considering Karat wasn't the healthiest of eaters, I guess I'm lucky he lived as long as he did. He loved his chocolate. Ate it 6 of his 7 years, not that I'd let another pet do that.

He apparently had a sudden heart attack as my dad gave him his usual morning toast and cereal. When he got home from work at 3, Karat didn't meet him at the door. Dad found him in his favorite sleeping spot behind the couch. He was gone from this world but still warm.

I miss my bun bun, but that is life.