Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cat Transport

I belong to a transport group online that sends daily emails on animals that need to travel long distances to new foster homes, or their forever homes. For several weeks there was one email that kept standing out at me - 5 cats needed to go from Texas to Ohio. However, from Texarkana, AR to Kentucky still needed filled. Finally, I asked my supervisor at work if I could use my only available vacation day to transport some cats. When approval came, I told the transport coordinator that I would drive the kitties from AR to KY to the next transporter.

I stayed the night in Texarkana, TX and picked the cats up Saturday morning at a truck stop where the previous transporter was waiting. We drove to Lexington, KY and stayed the night at a LaQuinta Inn (they are VERY pet-friendly and didn't have a problem with 4 cats). The next morning, the next transporter met me at the hotel to take the cats to their next stop.

There were originally supposed to be 5 but the fifth one was too stressed to travel. They are all Maine Coons.

These are the kitties:


EDIT (3/24/10): Sheba has found a home with a great man who treats her as the queen she is!

Bread - Picture does NOT do her justice, but she was too scared to get a better picture. Sister Butter the one too stressed for travel.

EDIT (3/24/10): I found out both Bread and Butter were adopted, but not together. No further info on Butter, but Bread's name has been changed to Camille!

Buttons - slept in the tub all night


Bendi and Buttons are still looking for homes. If you know anyone interested, they can be found under Petfinder.com, Maine Coon Rescue, in Michigan.

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Everycat said...

What an adventure for those cats! Hats off to your Mum for doing such a great job in helping out shelter cats.